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Prior to founding his own firm, Mr. Galbraith practiced at a prominent securities arbitration and litigation boutique firm. There, he worked on cutting-edge cases representing both individual investors in arbitrations against their brokerage firms as well as large classes of investors who were harmed by corporate misconduct such as the London Whale trading fiasco at JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup’s subprime CDO fraud.

He won both the first and the largest arbitration awards against UBS Financial Services concerning their fraudulent marketing of so-called “100% Principal Protection Notes” issued by Lehman Brothers. He also helped secure two multi-million-dollar settlements on behalf of victims of notorious Ponzi schemers and sizeable awards on behalf of investors suffering losses due to unsuitable recommendations, failure to supervise and account churning.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Galbraith was associated with two prominent national and international law firms in New York. At Cooley (formerly Kronish Lieb Weiner & Hellman), his practice centered on white-collar criminal and defense, civil litigation and advising clients on how to navigate criminal and regulatory inquiries concerning their business practices. At DLA Piper, Mr. Galbraith maintained his practice in these same areas. He also defended corporations that were the subject of federal securities class actions.

Approach & Track Record

Mr. Galbraith knows how to successfully develop, present and prevail in investment losses and securities fraud cases. His focused practice allows him to make expert judgments and take action quickly.

He delivers personalized attention to each of his clients, taking the time to listen and respond thoughtfully to their questions and concerns. He takes care to ensure that his clients fully understand their legal rights and he expertly walks them through each step of the legal process.

Mr. Galbraith has been involved in cutting-edge legal actions in the wake of the recent global financial crisis, and has become well known in the legal community for his achievements in these actions.

He helped win both the first and the largest awards against UBS Financial Services, Inc. in the Lehman structured products litigations. He has represented scores of investors who were wrongfully sold so-called “100% Principal Protection Notes” by UBS with the understanding that their principal was secure, only to later learn that the main risk was issuer credit risk. This risk only came to light when Lehman filed bankruptcy, leaving these mostly conservative investors with devastating losses from their structured note purchases.

Working proactively and creatively to uncover the truth about the sale of these structured notes and to enforce the rights of his clients, Mr. Galbraith was able to secure substantial recoveries. Aside from the large arbitration awards and sizeable settlements, he was also able to garner prominent media attention in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and other venues, so that others could understand what had happened and avoid the pitfalls that had befallen his clients.

Mr. Galbraith has also represented individual investors, groups and institutional investors, helping them obtain substantial recoveries of the losses they suffered in the failed Bear Stearns High Grade Structured Credit Strategies hedge funds as well as in multiple notorious Ponzi schemes. He has also obtained highly favorable results on behalf of victims of account “churning” and investors who suffered substantial losses due to their brokerage firms’ failure to supervise their brokers, unauthorized trading and unsuitable recommendations of both specific investments and investment strategies.

Because of his expertise in the investment fraud and securities arbitration field, he has been invited to speak at various professional associations as well as to address private gatherings of state and federal securities regulators.

Mr. Galbraith understands that most investors trust and rely on the advice of their financial advisors and the brokerage firms that employ them. They trust these professionals to protect their hard-earned assets, which many times have been set aside in order to provide for a comfortable and secure retirement.

Financial advisors have a legal duty to act with their investors’ interests first and foremost in mind. When they fail to do so, they can be held liable for the devastating losses that often result. When financial advisors and their firms neglect their legal duties and cause his clients’ losses, he fights fiercely to hold them accountable and to recover the money that has been lost.

All Mr. Galbraith’s clients, whether retired civil engineers, venture capitalists, school teachers, real estate agents, general counsel for Fortune 500 companies, or anyone else, deserve the most knowledgeable and zealous advocate they can find. Only then can they achieve the results they deserve.

And when securities industry employees are treated unfairly and unlawfully by their employers, or are caught up in regulatory enforcement actions and investigations, they need an experienced attorney to protect and enforce their legal rights.

With over a decade of combined experience in securities arbitration and white-collar criminal and regulatory defense, Mr. Galbraith has exactly the experience investors and financial services employees need most.

If you find yourself in need of legal help along these lines, please contact our office immediately. Mr. Galbraith offers free, confidential consultations and will promptly respond to any inquiry.

Recent Engagements

  • Represented an investor in a FINRA arbitration against her former brokerage firm, a large nationally known firm. The claim was for unauthorized transfers, forgery and failure to supervise. After a six-day hearing, the panel awarded substantial damages in favor of the investor. In ancillary litigation, a New York State trial court confirmed the arbitration award and denied other relief sought by the firm.
  • Represented a group of investors in a FINRA arbitration against a hedge fund portfolio manager and the brokerage firms that housed the hedge fund. The claim was for fraud, misrepresentation and failure to supervise. After a five-day hearing, the panel found misconduct and awarded damages.
  • Representing an elderly, retired investor in a FINRA arbitration against his former brokerage firm, a large nationally known firm. The claim was for unsuitable recommendations, over-concentration and failure to supervise.
  • Representing an investor in a FINRA arbitration against a large regional brokerage firm that sold him an unsuitable tenants-in-common or “TIC” investment, the value of which predictably collapsed and caused substantial damages to our client.
  • Representing an elderly, retired investor in a FINRA arbitration against a large national brokerage firm. The claims are for recommending an unsuitable and over-concentrated portfolio of oil- and gas-related “master limited partnership” investments, for negligence and for failure to supervise the recommendations of the firm’s broker for this retirement account.
  • Represented an investor in a FINRA arbitration against a large national online brokerage firm. The claim was for negligence and failure to supervise in connection with allowing an identity thief to steal our client’s assets. We were able to secure a substantial six-figure settlement to resolve the matter.
  • Representing a hedge fund and its principal in a state-court litigation with the issuer of bonds. Our claims are for failure to honor the terms of the bonds’ offering documents and for damages to business reputation.
  • Representing a large regional bank in a FINRA arbitration against its brokerage firm. The claims are for the unsuitable recommendation of a complex derivative instrument, failure to disclose the central risks of the investment and failure to supervise the broker in charge of the account.
  • Represented a brokerage firm, a hedge fund and a number of individuals in a FINRA arbitration concerning the alleged entitlement to a $20-million “finder’s fee.”
  • Represented a financial advisor who was terminated by a large nationally known brokerage firm. We were able to secure accurate and favorable language to be included on the client’s Form U5, and to ensure that the ensuing FINRA investigation properly resulted in no action being taken against the client.
  • Representing a trader in a FINRA arbitration against a national brokerage firm the wrongly terminated his employment, coercively threatened to place a negative mark on his Form U5 and failed to honor firm and industry standards with regard to severance pay.
  • Representing two concert-promotion companies and their principal in a federal court litigation concerning alleged losses suffered by investors in the companies. In reality, the losses suffered were simply the result of a failed business venture rather than any misconduct by our clients.
  • Representing the client of an accounting firm in a state-court litigation. The claims are for breach of contract, negligence and aiding and abetting fraud in connection with the wrongful taking of our client’s assets by a mutual client of the accounting firm.

Client Testimonials

“I could not have asked for anything more in Kevin as an attorney. From day one, even before I was a client of his, he was always kind, respectful and professional. What really stood out to me is Kevin's capacity for empathy and ability to understand the human side of situations. This ability, combined with his legal acumen, helped me achieve a desired outcome and I will be eternally grateful for the work he put in on my behalf.”
– New York, NY

“Your services have exceeded my expectations. From the start, you communicated with me clearly, and worked to untangle my thoughts into a viable strategy. When I communicated my concerns, you responded respectfully and with an already clear game plan that again demonstrated that you had all the same goals and your expected path to get that goal. You prepared me for the day of arbitration patiently, and it was the main reason I could be calm during the arbitration. Your team must have prepared many hours for the arbitration, you handled it and the content like it was second nature, and that was for the duration of the entire proceeding. Your calm and methodical form of persuasion is effective. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– ZH, New York

“When I became embroiled in a dispute with a brokerage firm in New York, over which the strong scent of putrefaction hung, I made immediate contact with Kevin Galbraith, whose performance in a recent FINRA action had impressed me. I had watched Mr. Galbraith from the sidelines as he skillfully represented multiple investors against two brokerage firms and a hedge fund in that action. He is certainly one of the most adroit counsellors it has been my privilege to deal with. He has the rare ability to match outstanding analytical skills with those of synthesis. This, backed up by his deep and detailed knowledge of securities law and procedures, enable him to give wise and pertinent advice. Added to which his human skills make often disagreeable proceedings far easier to navigate. He takes time to get to know his client and shows great knowledge and patience in guiding the client through the proceedings, explaining possible outcomes, and helping the client come to sensible decisions at each stage. In my experience he is invariably courteous, patient and a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.”
– PD, Barbados

“Going against a giant bank is intimidating, but Kevin gave me the confidence to keep going and believed I had a case worth fighting for. He was that ideal combination of intelligence, compassion, and integrity that I found comforting and motivating, even when it seemed the cards were stacked against me. I sincerely appreciate Kevin for not giving up, not letting me give up, and helping see my case through to a positive outcome.”
– DW, New York City

“My son needed an attorney to help with a FINRA investigation, and attorney Kevin Galbraith was recommended by a friend. I was surprised by the kindness and support Kevin gave to my son from the initial conversation and throughout the process. Kevin explained the different outcomes that can be expected, which helped my son manage his expectations. Kevin’s efforts to get a positive result from the investigation, plus his understanding and concern for my son’s career, were very much appreciated. In the end, he gave my son an unexpected demonstration of his kindness to help my son move on.”
– GR, New York

“While assisting my 85-year-old Dad in managing his finances I came to learn that he was the victim of unethical financial advisement, which led to the loss of a substantial portion of his assets. I had the good fortune of working with Kevin Galbraith who represented my father in a legal claim that we filed against the brokerage firm managing his investments. Kevin was responsive, thorough, insightful and most importantly sensitive to the special needs of this unusual case. Kevin was an advocate for my dad and after a full year of preparation was able to recoup a good portion of his losses. I recommend Kevin Galbraith without hesitation and know that if I ever needed such assistance in the future, I will be in Kevin's capable hands.”
– Renee G., New York, NY

”When I suffered a substantial loss of hard-earned assets due to the misconduct of my trusted brokerage firm in selling me ‘structured notes,’ I took action and filed a FINRA arbitration. Working alongside Kevin Galbraith, I saw firsthand the passion with which he represents investors to hold Wall Street accountable. He analyzed my case carefully and prepared tirelessly to put the most compelling evidence in front of the arbitration panel. Pitted against a team of highly skilled attorneys from a big securities defense firm, Kevin was undaunted in fighting for justice. Together we were David going up against Goliath, and with Kevin's dedication, David came out on top! We won a seven-figure arbitration award, so the results were great. And just as important to me, Kevin treated me with integrity, respect and real compassion. He listened to me and understood how hard I had worked to earn this money, and why the case was a matter not just of dollars, but also of principle. If I ever found myself in that position again, I would hire Kevin in a heartbeat."
– Pat C., Philadelphia, PA

“I'm most appreciative to you for your guidance and hard work throughout. You're a great lawyer—knowledgable, attentive, sympathetic—and a most decent human being. I'm pleased to have had you in my corner.”
– MK, New York, NY

Peer Endorsements

“Kevin is a consummate professional with a passion for achieving the best possible results. Kevin has a great combination of legal know-how and ‘street smarts’ and he really puts that together for his clients to great effect. Highly recommended.”

“Kevin and I have worked as opposing counsel on several cases. He is consistently professional and courteous to his fellow attorneys, and he always has an excellent working knowledge of his cases. Kevin is a tough negotiator who also appears to forge solid relationships with his clients. I enjoy working with Kevin and his clients seem to appreciate his prudent advice and counsel.”

“Kevin is a first-rate attorney who zealously and effectively represents his clients' interests while always adhering to the highest ethical standards. He is a skilled, experienced litigator who has developed deep expertise in the area of securities arbitration.”

“Kevin is a thoughtful lawyer with a keen mind and impressive understanding of litigation generally and investor protection laws specifically.”

“Kevin is a smart, reliable, responsive lawyer. A credit to the profession.”

“Over the past three years, I have been adversarial to Mr. Galbraith in over two dozen matters. His diligent preparation and understanding of the specific facts of each case, along with his understanding of the substantive law have made him a worthy, and at times challenging, adversary.”

“I worked with Kevin for a number of years on a high profile Foreign Corrupt Practices Act matter. I was consistently impressed with Kevin's intelligence, judgment and dedication. In addition to being a superb lawyer, Kevin is also a fantastic person. He is just a pleasure to be around. An individual or company that is in the market for a sophisticated and personable litigation counsel could do no better than Kevin.”

“I worked with Kevin for several years at a national law firm on federal criminal matters and regulatory investigations concerning alleged violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and illegal promotion of tax shelters. Kevin is a talented and aggressive attorney who has obtained fantastic results for his clients. Kevin is also personable, sympathetic to his client's needs, and easy to work with. I strongly endorse Kevin.”

“I endorse Kevin. I have had a number of cases where Kevin was opposing counsel. He always conducted himself as a gentleman and yet was able to fight hard for his clients and achieve good results for them.”

“Kevin is the most respectful and even-tempered lawyer I've ever worked with. When coupled with his impressive experience, it makes for a fantastic professional. ”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Galbraith over the last 5 years. He is always professional, courteous, and a great advocate for his clients.”

“Kevin is intelligent and personable. We have been opposing counsel on several cases and I enjoy working with him.”


Mr. Galbraith received his Bachelor of Arts in 1992 from Connecticut College, majoring in Government. He received his Juris Doctor in 2002 from the Fordham University School of Law, where he was a member of the Dean’s List and was Editor-in-Chief of the Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal.

Bar Admissions

Mr. Galbraith is a member of the Bar of New York. He is also admitted to practice before the United States District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and the District of Colorado.

Publications & Speaking Engagements

Mr. Galbraith has authored or co-authored a number of articles on current developments in the areas of securities fraud, securities arbitration, FINRA, white-collar criminal defense and the securities regulatory environment for Law360, Wall Street Lawyer and other publications.

As a member of the Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal, Mr. Galbraith authored and published a Note, “Forever on the Installment Plan? An Examination of the Constitutional History of the Copyright Clause and Whether the Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 Squares with the Founders’ Intent.” This Note has been repeatedly cited in scholarly journals including the Yale Law Journal.

Owing to his experience and expertise in the areas of securities fraud, white-collar criminal defense, securities regulation, structured products and other complex investments, suitability and expungement proceedings, Mr. Galbraith has been invited to speak to multiple audiences including attorneys, investors and federal and state regulators.

Pro Bono Work

Mr. Galbraith’s pro bono representations have focused on securing political asylum for victims of government repression and torture, particularly for individuals from countries in West Africa. In addition, he served as part of a team that secured the reversal of a wrongful death conviction of a South Carolina physician; rather than serve out the remainder of his thirty-year sentence, the doctor was immediately freed.

Other Attorneys

Erick Haman Photo

Erick T. Haman is an associate attorney with the firm. His practice covers all areas that the firm handles: representing investors against their brokerage firms and other financial institutions; representing financial services professionals in disputes with their employers; representing financial services professionals who are the subject of regulatory inquiries or investigations; and consulting on litigation risk.

Mr. Haman earned his J.D. from Fordham University School of Law, graduating in 2015. While at Fordham, he was an associate editor on the Fordham International Law Journal, received the Archibald R. Murray Public Service Award, Magna Cum Laude and participated in the school’s mediation clinic.

Mr. Haman earned his B.A. in International Studies from California State University Long Beach, graduating in 2011. During his college career, he received Scholar Athlete honors every semester and competed as a Division I NCAA athlete in track and field.

He is admitted to practice in both New York and New Jersey.